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Attention Ricky Martin swooners! This exciting book is jam-packed with gorgeous full-color photographs and plenty of details about the life and career of the Puerto Rico-born star who has taken the music world by storm, and with him, millions of avid fans. Follow Ricky Martin's career from his early Menudo days, through his role on General Hospital, his stint in Broadway's Les Miserables, to his release of his third album, Vuelve, which skyrocketed him to new heights of fame. and his English-language debut album, Ricky Martin, which opened the floodgates to Ricky's popularity in America. A unique and revealing portrait of a young megastar whose talent, charm, and charisma knows no national boundaries or language barriers.

Readers Comments:
HOT! HOT! HOT! I love this book! It has great info about Ricky from the days of Menudo up to his powerful and sensual performance on the 1998 Grammy Stage. The pictures are great! I totally recomend this book to any major fan.

Our Price: $40.00 Retail Price: $50.00 You Save: $10.00 (20%)
In celebration of Bruce Springsteen's 25 years as a recording artist comes the first complete collection of his recorded album lyrics in a beautiful full-color volume. Produced under the artist's direction, Bruce Springsteen: Songs includes Springsteen's personal reflections on his songs, as well as photos by Annie Leibovitz, Pam Springsteen, Herb Ritts, and many others. The book comes packaged with a 3-song CD from Springsteen's newest album, "Tracks."
Readers comments: What a great book a great book for springsteen fans and people who don't know him that well. I didn't know that darlington county was supposed to be on the darkness cd. what was great about the book was not only the pictures but he explained what each song meant to him, a good touch to post the lyrics of all his songs and at the end of the book, he posted the opening lines for each song, Songs is a book that is definitely worth reading.

Frank Sinatra was not only the greatest popular singer of the century-he was also the ultimate recording artist. In addition to introducing and perfecting a unique vocal style, he was also his own in-studio "producer," personally supervising every aspect of his recordings, from choosing the songs and arrangers to making minute adjustments in mike placement. One of the thrills of listening to Sinatra is wondering how he did it-and this book explains it all, bringing the dedicated fan and the casual music lover alike into the recording studio to glimpse the fascinating working methods he introduced and mastered in his quest for recorded perfection. Featuring 100 photographs of Sinatra working with orchestras and arrangers, listening to playbacks, and, of course, singing, Sessions with Sinatra tells the whole story of how he created the Sinatra sound and translated the most intense personal emotions into richly worked-out songs of unrivalled expressiveness.
Readers comments: Into The Recording Studio with Sinatra At last!!!! After all these years, a book that actually takes you into the studio with the century's finest popular singer. Using interviews with arrangers, producers, musicians and engineers, Chuck Granata takes you behind the scenes of the making of such classic Sinatra albums as 'Only The Lonely,' 'Ring a Ding Ding,' and the Concert Sinatra.' It's as close as many of us will ever get to an actual Sinatra recording session. The biggest puzzle is why it took so many years for a book like this to materialize

Our Price: $22.00 Retail Price: $27.50 You Save: $5.50 (20%)
Everything you've ever heard about the music business is true. It's a world where the rewards can be enormous, but the risks even greater. The key to success is knowing how the business works so you can protect yourself -- since no one will take as good care of your career as you. That's where Donald S. Passman comes in. Because if you want the best advice, it pays to turn to the best in the business. His star-spangled list of clients shows that his advice is the best that money can buy. Now, from one of the music industry's most sought-after lawyers, here is the third revised and expanded edition of the book that the Los Angeles Times has proclaimed "the industry bible" -- the savvy insider's guide to every legal and financial facet of the business. Whether you want a career as a performer, writer, producer, or executive, or whether you are just curious about the fascinating multibillion-dollar music industry, you will benefit enormously from this fully updated, comprehensive, and easy-to-read overview of the entire business.
Readers Comments: Excellent information on the music industry.... I would highly reccommend this book. It has helped me in many ways in reference to the music industry. It should be used as a textbook.

The Songwriter's Market Guide to Song and Demo Submission Formats
Our Price: $15.99 Retail Price: $19.99 You Save: $4.00 (20%)
Readers will find no-nonsense, authoritative instructions for packaging and pitching songs and music. The book includes dozens of sample letters that will help songwriters and musicians get a foot in the seemingly impossible-to-open door. Anyone who's serious about the music industry can't afford to be without it.
Comments: From Denise Perry Donavin - BookList How do you find a manager, prepare a demo tape, or get songs copyrighted? This guide, from the editors of "Songwriter's Market", has all the answers for the novice. Tips are given on how to make contacts in the music industry, with fine arts organizations, and in the theater world. Music contests will also boost visibility for the rookie, so the basics are given on finding and participating in legitimate contests. Probably most helpful of all is the information on record-keeping, so a songwriter can keep track of who to contact and who has already been approached.

Music Publishing: A Songwriter's Guide
Our Price: $17.09 Retail Price: $18.99 You Save: $1.90 (10%)
Randy Poe takes the mystery out of music publishing, explaining what it's all about and what it means to you as a songwriter. You'll learn how songwriters and music publishers earn performance royalties, mechanical royalties, synchronization royalties and print royalties in the United States and abroad. And you'll learn all your publishing options - from a single song contract, to a full-time position as a staff writer, to starting your own publishing company. New in this totally updated edition, Poe describes changes in copyright law; discusses how "new media" such as CD-ROM, the Internet and sampling are impacting your rights and income as a songwriter; and includes an expanded section on these rights.

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